A Coolio Striped Flower Cake

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Hello lovelies. This week I bring to you a cake that I have named the Coolio. Why? Because after I finished it, the first words to come out of my mouth were “Ooh La La!” And everyone who was around in 1997 knows that was the jam.

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If it’s not obvious by the design, I’m still in my stripe period. I can’t help it! They are so easy to do and always come out looking so fresh and so clean clean

No, Outkast. I’m doing Coolio today.

Anyway, what I love about this cake is not only the subtlety of the stripes, but how the bright pink flowers appear to pop right off of them. I will be the first to admit that my buttercream flower game needs some fine tuning. However, the beauty of this cake is that you’re not really aiming for realistic flowers—the messier the better!

Decorating this cake is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.  Pack your bags—it’s fantastic voyage time!

 Adding yellow and white stripes

To create the buttercream stripes, all you have to do is divide your buttercream in half and stir in 1-2 drops of yellow gel food coloring into one. Remember to reserve some buttercream for your flowers though! Next, put each color into a piping bag and pipe stripes all the way up the cake. You don’t need a piping tip for this—just snip off the end of the bag keeping in mind that the higher up you snip the larger your strip will be.

The next thing you want to do (which I did not photograph because I’m a dunce) is use a bench scraper to slowly scrape around the cake, wiping off the buttercream with each swipe. Be sure to hold the bench scraper flat against your cake board and always go in the same direction.

Buttercream rose colors

Now it’s time to divide the remaining buttercream into three colors: Two pinks for the roses, and one green for the leaves. If you have some yellow or white leftover, grab that too.

Buttercream in piping bags

From left: Green in a piping bag with a leaf tip, the two pinks together in a piping bag with a rose (104) tip, and my leftover yellow buttercream from the stripes.

yellow center of flower

To make the flowers, the first thing you need to do is cut out a bunch of parchment or wax paper squares that measure around 2×2 inches. Then get yourself a flower nail. Back before I owned one I used to use a meat thermometer like this one (credit to Steven Jackson for the image). The flat top is a perfect surface to stick the paper squares on. Once you’ve got that all sorted, pipe yourself a little mound of color to represent the center of the flower.

Piping the petals

Now take your pink and pipe rows going around the center. Make sure the fat part of the rose tip is facing down and that you are holding it completely vertical to the paper. Otherwise, you may end up with a beautiful rose and who the hell wants that?

lots of piped flowers

The more times you go around , the bigger the flowers. Make them in a bunch of sizes, then throw them on a baking sheet and place them in the freezer for 20 minutes or so. When you take them out they will be solid and the paper will peel right off.

placing flowers on the cake

Did I mention that your cake should be chilling in the fridge while all of this is going on? Well I’m mentioning it now. You don’t want your buttercream to be too hot.

That reference felt really forced, didn’t it?

Anyway, still using some of that leftover yellow buttercream, pipe a bead of frosting on the bottom of the flower and press it onto the cake. As you can see, I marked where I wanted to concentrate my flowers by putting two little ones diagonal from each other. Then it was just a matter of filling in the rest of the space.

all of the flowers placed

Keep adding flowers until you’re happy with the look.

adding the leaves

Now fill in awkward or empty spaces with green leaves. That’s it! If you’re worried about the flowers slipping off you can keep the cake chilled in the fridge up until an hour or so before serving. 

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I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If so, feel free to check out some of my others.

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Until next time <3

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2 thoughts on “A Coolio Striped Flower Cake

  1. Love your technique on this cake – great colours, too! And I totally identify with your Coolio vibes 😉 I’ve had a little look around your site and love that you publish your ‘bake fails’ – I certainly have as many fails as triumphs with my baking 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what you make next.
    Claire from Sweetnorwesterly.com

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment. I must say, I really take it to heart because all of my favorite cake decorators seem to be from Australia and New Zealand! There must be something in the Tasman Sea–there are so many amazing cake decorators there. You included! I’ve followed you page. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next! 🙂

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