About Me

My name is Amanda, and welcome to my blog. The first thing that you may notice when browsing my entries is that unlike other bakers, I appear to be quite the newbie. That is not mistake; I AM a newbie, so I’m hoping that this blog is a place where people can laugh at my mistakes and hopefully learn from them too. I believe that baking is a learning process, and while there are already tons of bakers who blog and seem to have it down pat, I am more interested in sharing my successes AND disasters so that I can convince others that it is okay to fail as long as we all learn something in the end.

I began baking about a year and a half ago and it was almost by accident. Every Friday my neighbors and I all get together for a sort of barbecue potluck. Pretty early on I began to bring desserts, and after a while it just became expected of me. I was THE “dessert girl.” I prided myself on switching it up each week, but I didn’t think to start blogging about until recently. This is because I finally feel that I have reached an “intermediate” baker level. That is, I’m not burning everything anymore! My cookies look like cookies; my cakes look like cakes! With that being said, I don’t want to fool you into thinking I’ve got it all figured out. Not even close, chap!

While I do dabble into pies, tarts, cookies, and other baked goods, my main love is baking cakes and decorating them. You will see how much I have grown from this time last year and we will learn new decorate techniques together. It will be a blast! Or you will at least get a laugh out of it.

My first entries are going to be desserts that I have already completed, just so I can get used to blogging interface as well as show you what I mean about being horrible (although I did have a few successes in there!) My pictures are going to be awful. I am warning you. I took these pictures with my phone when I thought I was the only one who will ever look at them. I took them for nostalgia purposes, not to post on Instagram! I don’t even have an Instagram! But perhaps I will if this blog finds some viewers.

Thank you so much for visiting! I hope we will bake sweet joy together 🙂