AF2B: Mirror Glaze Pumpkins

That’s right, folks, I’m trying a new thing. Acronyms. AF2B stands for Amanda Fails to Bake, and with any luck I will use it so rarely that I’ll have to explain it all over again the next time I use it! 

This post is all how I failed to execute what I thought was an ingenious idea: mini mirror glazed pumpkins. Why? Because mirror glaze cakes are so hot right now. Even I made one, and I suck at keeping up with trends! I’m sure that if you’ve been on Pinterest you’ve seen how some super crafty bakers (read: not me) figured out that if you sandwich two Bundt cakes together they end up looking like a pumpkin. Well, in a moment of insanity I thought, “LET’S COMBINE THESE TWO IDEAS, IT WILL BE AWESOME!” and I ran off to the store to buy a mini Bundt pan for the occasion. 

Except it wasn’t awesome. The first hint that this whole thing was going to go to shit was when I baked my first batch of mini Bundts. I used my deliciously moist pumpkin sheet cake recipe, and per the instructions didn’t grease the pan. Well, guess what? That may work for a nice, flat glass baking dish, but certainly not for an incredibly stubborn and ridiculously grooved Bundt pan:

,disaster pan

I’m not even kidding when I say there is still pumpkin cake stuck on this pan. The pan is its home now. Dawn abandoned me in my time of need. Probably off saving some oily seagulls or something.

Okay, that was mean. I would happily sacrifice movement in my arms to save an oily seagull 🙁 

Moving on, after I resupplied my ingredients and greased the effing pan I ended up with some amazing looking little Bundts!

Ipumpkin bundts

So after letting them cool I flipped them over and leveled them off for easy sandwiching. Just look at that crumb porn. My kitchen smelled like a sorority house! So far so good. 😉

leveled bundts

I was able to stick the two cakes together using a little orange buttercream, and holy heck it really did look like a pumpkin. What are the kids saying these these days? On fleek? Yeah, these cakey pumpkins were totally that. So dope. All that and a bag of chips

sandwiched bundts

Mirror glaze needs something to stick to, so I thought why not cover the entire cakes? About halfway through doing this I remembered that literally every imperfection in your buttercream is magnified by mirror glaze. And since these cakes are so small and intricate my American buttercream (another horrible choice) didn’t really want to cooperate. I pushed on though, convinced that I could just pretend they were supposed to be gourds. Alllll good in the hood.

iced pumpkins

So, I made my glaze and waited like an hour and a half for it to cool to the right temperature.

orange glaze

And in the meantime I made these fancy pumpkin stems out of fondant.  I was feeling pretty good about myself at this point.

fondant pumpkin stems

Then after making this pretty great pouring station out of a cookie sheet, cooling rack, and never-used shot glasses, I poured over my cooled glaze. 

glazed pumpkins

It looked awful! My hope was that the glaze would cover the pumpkins in a shiny opaque blanket and no cake would be visible at all. That dream was obviously dashed. The stem was sort of cute though!

with stem

I think I realized the full magnitude of how stupid this idea was when I went to move them off of the shot glasses. How the hell were people supposed to eat these? Mirror glaze is pretty much nothing but a thin jelly layer that is always sticky. It gets all over you. And did I mention that I have central air and three shedding pets? Unlike a larger cake that you can just slice and put on a plate, these were supposed to be finger food. I’m not very bright. 

on halloween mat

Is there such thing as “too orange?” If so, these fit the bill The glaze was so orange that it made the buttercream inside look pink. My pouring job was horrible, with lots of missed spots in some areas and pools of glaze in others.These things were scary looking, and not in the cool Halloween way that I was going for. With that being said though, they were delicious. The cake itself was insanely moist and delicate. The buttercream layer was so thin that it added just the right amount of sweetness. 

eating pumpkin

The black stem laying there among the cake remnants was sort of sad looking. 

pumpkin gone 

If I could do it all over again (and I still might) I’d skip all of the mirror glaze rubbish and just do sandwiched cakes with a little caramel holding them together. I’ve found that it’s sometimes worth the trouble to try out one of your crazy ideas, but other times you waste a whole Saturday and have raisin fingers well into Sunday. 

Until next time <3

help me pumpkin

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