Three Drip Cakes: One Weekend

teal drip cake with meringue swirls and rock candy

This is going to be a quick post to show you a few cakes that I have made recently. I really should have posted these cakes a few weeks ago, but I’ve been so focused on trying to switch to a new host and make my blog pretty that I put it off too long. And these are Fourth of July cakes (Well, 2 out of 3). I guess they could also be considered “patriotic cakes” or “New England Patriot” cakes, or “I really love the colors red, white, and blue” cakes, but look—I was late in posting them, okay?

I’m hoping that maybe you’ll forgive me and just imagine them in different colors if you want to wait until the next 4th of July to make them.

I have one non-patriotic cake in the mix too. The one in the featured image. Talk about swoon! I think I have added it to my list of favorites, for sure.

What I love the most about this cake is the subtlety of the violet and teal pattern on the icing. Here is how I made that happen:

The first thing you need to do is ice your cake in a base color. I chose white, obviously. Then take a tiny amount of your remaining frosting and dye it the colors of your choosing. I chose just two colors, but you can do as many as you like! The trick is to place a little bit of icing on a toothpick and swipe it across the cake in a horizontal line. Like so:

applying the teal streaks

When you go to scrape the cake again you’ll also be moving in a horizontal motion, which will help your lines to spread out even further.

after scraping

Drip your ganache on top, place some meringue swirls, rock candy, and icing blobs in the pattern of your choosing, then sprinkle on some edible gold beads. It’s as simple as that! To ensure that the meringue swirls stand upright stick a toothpick in the bottom of each one and stick the other end in the cake. The purple beading at the bottom is made of fondant but you could just as easily pipe little round dots, perhaps even alternating colors.

teal drip cake with meringue swirls and rock candy top view

When you purchase rock candy at a store it usually comes on a stick with a little ball at the end, making it a huge pain in the ass to insert into the cake. What I did is simply snip that part off with a strong pair of scissors. This helps to ensure that the hole remains small.

teal drip cake with meringue swirls and rock candy top slanted view

All in all, a beautiful cake.

teal drip cake with meringue swirls and rock candy grass background

For this next cake, I painted some ganache (that I’d dyed yellow) with some gold luster dust. To make the luster dust liquid you need to add some vodka or lemon extract. This is because alcohol evaporates much faster than water. What people don’t tell you is exactly how fast the vodka evaporates. It’s VERY fast! Don’t bother making a huge amount of gold paint at a time. Go little by little. I’ve found that it’s just never the same when you add more vodka to dried out luster paint.

gold drip fourth of july cake

After applying your ganache pop it into the fridge to let it set. About 10 minutes. Then, using a clean, soft brush, apply your gold paint to the ganache. You may need to go over it twice. The end result is very worth it though!

This third cake is also 4th of July themed. The only difference between this one and the one before it is that I kept my ganache white and added some thicker fondant stars on top. I formed the stars in a star-shaped ice tray. I really should have let them dry for days, but I didn’t. That was a mistake. The fondant was way too soft to support the stars. I stuck 20 gauge floral wire into the stars, then stuck the other end in some straws I’d inserted into the cake.

Bouncing stars fourth of july cake

I topped the cake with some crushed up pop rocks, reminiscent of all the fireworks!


If you’d like for me to go into greater detail on any of these cakes, let me know! I could even possibly recreate them in new colors.

I’m shocked at how much the quality of my pictures diminishes when I make them larger. Sometimes you don’t realize an image is blurry until you see it in its final form. Definitely aiming to take better pictures in the future.

Until next time! <3

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