Floral Wallpaper Buttercream Design

wallpaper cake white background

A few days ago I did a recipe review of Carrie Sellman’s awesome Blueberry Lemon Cake recipe. I thought I’d show you when I ended up doing with it! I went into this cake design thinking, “I want this to look like the wallpaper in the kitchen of a French cottage” so I knew yellow and blue would be the perfect color scheme for that. Since I figured I’d be using some small piping tips, I decided on Swiss Meringue Buttercream rather than my standard American. This may have been a bad idea, given that it is August in Texas.

 wallpaper cake bow

Other than wishing I’d piped my petals a little closer together, I think it came out really well! To be fair, this was a tiny cake. I know it doesn’t look tiny in the pictures, but it was about 4×6 inches. Very small! And because it was so small, I had to use small piping tips. I will give you other options in case you try this design on a larger cake.

First things first though, let’s start with the bow:

wallpaper cake making the bow

The first thing you want to do is cut out a strip of fondant about one inch wide and double the diameter of the top of your cake. A pizza cutter works so much better than a knife.


Now take each end of that strip and fold them in towards each other until you meet in the middle. Use the pizza cutter again to cut the fondant where they meet. This will ensure both sides of your bow are the same size.

Making the bow M fold

Take one side and pleat the cut end by folding it into an “m” shape. Do the same for the other side.

Markers to keep bow open

Starting to look more like a bow now no? It’s a good idea to place two markers in the bow loops to help the fondant maintain its shape while it dries out.

adding the center of the bow

Take another little strip of fondant and wrap it around where the two loops meet. Use a tiny bit of water to secure the strip on the back. Now set this is aside for 20 minutes or so (careful, the fondant will be very soft and difficult to transfer) then remove the markers and sit the bow vertically so it’s no longer laying down. Let is dry somewhere until you need it.


I almost forgot: Cut out two more strips and add a “V” shape to the bottom. These are the “ribbons” that the bow loops will sit on.

Now for the fun part. Decorating! 

piping tip close up

Here is a close up of the tip I used for the petals. It is a Wilton 59S. It sort of looks like a little comma, or a bean. If you want a larger flower then you can use quite a few other petal tips, such as 59, 61, 126, 127, and more.

mini flower using tip

To create the flower you simply “stamp” some icing onto the side of the cake in a little cluster. There is probably a more professional term than stamp, but if so I don’t know it. Since one end of the tip is wide and the other end tapers, you’ll have to do some twisting of the bag so that the petals aren’t all facing the same way. By the way, the lumps you see in the buttercream is lemon zest.


Here is another flower that I felt could have been a little better. It’s okay though, they don’t need to be perfect matches to each other. It’s more important that you space them out as evenly as possible, since that is what will attract the eye.

creating flower pattern

See what I mean? They all look a little different but since they were piped equidistant from each other it helps you to appreciate the design. By the way, you should definitely mark the cake before piping. I used a toothpick to plan where I would place each flower. Also notice how I just couldn’t wait to put the bow on top. I’m so impatient.  

adding leaves to flowers

The next step was to add some leaves. Looking back I wish I’d used a much smaller leaf tip. I used tip 66 because it was the smallest in my kit. However, I see that Wilton also makes a 65 or 65s that are both much smaller. I went around the cake and placed the leaves all facing the same direction to add to that wallpaper look.

adding round pearl dots  

The final step was to add some dots. I used tip number 2 for these and placed them between every two flowers. I also started to pipe a pearl border but I ended up scraping it off since it was too much. 

finished wallpaper cake brick background  

But there you have it. A cake as dainty as wallpaper, yet as bright as the flavors inside.

wallpaper cake slanted

Until next time! <3

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