Cake Decorating: Minis!

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I feel like it’s been forever since I posted my  white almond wedding cake recipe, but I’m finally here to show you what I ended up doing with the eight mini cakes that I made. Well, what I did with six of them. I had to eat one to make sure I was happy with the recipe before sharing it (I was), but then I had an odd number of cakes so I had no choice but to eat another one too. No one like odds numbers, least of all me.

Another thing that kept me from posting last week is that I was tasked with designing a wedding cake. This stressed me out to no end, let me tell you. But that is for my next post, where I plan to go into detail about all of the stress that produced. I didn’t even take any pictures of how I decorated it. TOO MUCH PRESSURE. But I learned quite a bit in the process that I think is worth sharing.

The cake was due on Friday, and then on Saturday (when I usually blog) I felt an overwhelming NEED to clean the grout on my kitchen floor. In other words, I was looking for someone to punch me in the face but couldn’t find anyone. So I did that, then went on a ten mile walk near my house (Seriously, where are the face punchers when you need them?) and basically spent all of Sunday feeling exhausted.

But I am back and still representing for them gangstas all across the world, still hitting them corners on the lo-lo’s, girl.

Or, you know, baking and stuff.

So let’s get to the point! I created these three mini cakes because not only do I love how three little cakes look on a cake stand, but because I wanted to try out three different icings/fillings to see which one my neighbors thought was tastiest for the wedding cake. I also wanted to try painting with some gold dust, since I’d finally bought a decent brand where that was actually possible. I definitely think that when you make three mini cakes it’s a good idea to make them visually compliment each other. I chose a palette of gold, blue, orange, violet, and white.

This first cake was covered in a white chocolate ganache that I colored blue. Later, when I tried dying the buttercream the same color I noticed they didn’t quite match. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the base color of whatever you’re trying to dye. I iced it using the upside-down method and then painted on some gold luster dust by mixing it with a little vodka. The dust I used is made by Rolkem. After I finished I just flipped the cake over and removed the paper, revealing a crisp edge.

mini blue cake buttercream crown

To finish it off I piped some buttercream blobs on the top in the colors I used for my other cakes. Looks sort of royal!

For the next cake I again used the upside-down method. I covered it in white buttercream and then added some violet and blue to give it a sort of watercolor look. This may remind you of my Ode to Maine cake, where I go into more detail on how to get this look. But really it’s as simple as dabbing on the colors you want and then scraping it smooth.

To finish this cake up and tie it together with the others, I decided to place some beautifully orange mums on top. Cut all but 2 inches of the step off of your flower(s), then cut a length of straw that is just a little longer and stick it in the cake. Stick your flower step in the straw hole and voila!

various stripe colors

For the third cake I again went with the upside-down method (shocker). This time I divided my buttercream into three colors and used piping bags to create stripes. The stripes become more distinct as you smooth the cake.

To create the chocolate sails I melted some white chocolate, smoothed it out on some parchment paper, then splattered it with some of my liquid gold dust mixture. You can place it in the fridge for fifteen minutes while it hardens, then break it up into several jagged pieces and stick them in the cake. I also decided at the last minute to paint the top of the cake gold and add some gold stripes on the side. This is best achieved with a cold cake, obviously.



Here is a closer look at the final product. Notice I added even more gold to the white buttercream on top of the blue ganache cake. And some MORE gold to the white cake with the mums. You can just call me Queen Midas from now on, I won’t mind.

mini cake orange flowers

Subtle, but so pretty!

mini cakes striped

Here you can definitely tell how the blue ganache is a lot brighter than the blue on the other cakes. Definitely need to keep that in mind the next time I try to mix and match icings.

mini cake blue gold leaf

A huge rainstorm just ended when I attempted to take these pics. I think this is the point where I rushed to get inside. The humidity was off the damn charts and not only were the cakes forming condensation, but my camera was fogging up like crazy.

foggy cakes

Case in point.

Hopefully that is the last of my humidity issues this summer.

Hahaha. Haha. Ha. 🙁

Until next time!


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