Hand Painted Buttercream Marble Cake: v1

marble cake 3

Right off the bat I’m going to come right out and say that this cake was a bit of an experiment that didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted it. I mean, it started out okay, but my next version will be better. So much better! I’m mostly annoyed with myself for what I did at the top. What are those horrible globs of frosting?!?! But the design aspect itself is pretty cool, so I’m not going to call[Read more]

AF2B: Magical Holiday Choux Tower

filling them up

Well. I said it might happen. The last time we talked I mentioned creating a showstopper for my neighborhood Christmas party. And as predicted, I jinxed myself. đŸ˜› This was one of those cases where a couple of small things went wrong but it was enough to ruin my whole project. It sucks too, because I really went out of my way to try and make this as easy on myself as possible. But….mistakes happened, my timeline went all whack, nothing[Read more]

AF2B: Mirror Glaze Pumpkins

eating pumpkin

That’s right, folks, I’m trying a new thing. Acronyms. AF2B stands for Amanda Fails to Bake, and with any luck I will use it so rarely that I’ll have to explain it all over again the next time I use it!  This post is all how I failed to execute what I thought was an ingenious idea: mini mirror glazed pumpkins. Why? Because mirror glaze cakes are so hot right now. Even I made one, and I suck at keeping up[Read more]

DIY Wedding Cake: What Can Go Wrong

wedding cake white

My neighbor’s sister recently married her long-term boyfriend. They had a very simple ceremony at the court house, followed by a small celebration at her father’s house. My neighbor asked me if I’d be willing to make them a cake, since fancy wedding or not, every bride deserves a cake! I of course said yes. I’d been wanting to attempt a wedding cake forever. When I asked how it should be decorated I was basically given free reign. Which was awesomeeeeeee.[Read more]

Amanda Fails to Bake: Pita Bread

pita bread cut up on plate

Okay. Somewhat fails to bake pita bread. What I made was completely edible, it just wasn’t totally right. I mentioned in my last post that I was interested in trying the Mediterranean diet for the rest of the summer (minus cakes, of course). What better way to get started than making my own pita bread! One thing is for certain—there are million different recipes online. Like so many. How was I even to choose? Pita bread is pretty fascinating. It’s bread,[Read more]