Mini Naked Two-Tier Cake Design

naked gold drip white background

Well, we did it! Thanksgiving weekend has come to a close. Did everyone have an amazing holiday? What about Black Friday/Cyber Monday–find any goodies? The neighbors who we usually celebrate Thanksgiving with went out of town this year, so I basically spent the whole weekend baking and fantasizing about what sorts of recipes I want to include on this site in December.  Oh yes, there will be cookies. πŸ™‚ I mentioned last week that I got a new camera. It’s[Read more]

Circus Inspired Multicolored Drip Cake


Happy Saturday everyone! Do you have any big weekend plans? It’s 60ΒΊ here so I’m naturally wearing 3 layers of clothing and still freezing. Don’t hate πŸ˜› Do you ever have something you want to say, but no one to say it to? If you do, feel free to tell me what it is in the comments. I will be your ear! In exchange for that though, you need to read my random thought of the hour: Kylie Jenner, man. Why[Read more]

Autumn Jewel Cake

autumn gem cake full

This week’s cake decorating tutorial is brought to you by the season of Autumn. Oh, and candy. Lots and lots of homemade candy.  I really wanted to make a joke about needing to call a bling hotline (a’la the song Hotline Bling by Drake), but apparently that would mean I’m looking to have a booty call. Who the hell do I call if I just want to talk about my bling addiction? Lame. Prior to beginning you’ll need a candy thermometer[Read more]

Candy Corn Inspired Halloween Cake

featured image

We’ve reached mid-October. Seriously, why is this month going by so fast? I don’t even have my costume yet! Do you know what you’re being for Halloween? I plan to go as my gymnastics idol, the one and only Aly Raisman. But not just any Aly Raisman, the “I just killed this fricken floor routine and now I’m going to cry” Aly Raisman.  First I cried while watching it live. Then I cried like 80 more times whenever I watched it on Youtube. And[Read more]

MANLY Marbled Fondant Birthday Cake

Is it just me, or is searching for a masculine cake design sort of like a guy trying to find a jock strap at Victoria’s Secret? Let’s face it: cakes are just plain girly. Almost too girly, with their fricken ruffles and flowers and hearts and fondant bumble bees. Almost makes want to puke sometimes. How did I get into this? πŸ˜› My neighbor’s birthday was last week, and I naturally drew a complete blank when trying to think of a good[Read more]

Coral Cake with Cascading Teal Flowers

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a cake tutorial! The reason is because my previous two cakes have been made out of fondant, and well, fondant and I don’t go together too well. Naw’m sayin’? I had one somewhat disastrous fondant cake and then one that actually came out pretty decent. I plan to post about them both, of course, but in the meantime I made this one and… Me right now. I just find it so fricken pretty aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! So[Read more]