Ugly Sweater Christmas Cake

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Happy Monday! We’re almost halfway through the month already. Can you believe it? How is your shopping going? My mother, bless her heart, only wants pictures of my house for Christmas. So that basically means that I have to clean all of those rooms that I just close the door to and then forget about. 😛 It’s the pits! Out of sight, out of mind, right? This is cake 2 of (hopefully) 3 for this Christmas season (If you missed[Read more]

Gingerbread Cake Recipe

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Gingerbread is quite possibly one of my favorite flavors of all time, so when I stumbled upon this recipe by The Cake Merchant back in August (!) I knew it was going to be difficult to wait until December to try it. Silly holidays and their signature flavors!  If you want to see what I ended up doing with this cakes, click here to see my Ugly Christmas Sweater cake decorating tutorial. 🙂 What I love about this recipe the most[Read more]

Melt In Your Mouth Molasses Cookies


Happy Wednesday! How is everyone’s week so far? I’ve been feeling pretty productive holiday-wise. The stockings are hung, the tree is up (smells soooooo good) and I even put up some lights outside. I’m exaggerating a bit on that last one since it’s been days now and the lights aren’t even plugged in yet. It’s quite pathetic, actually. At one point I gave up mid-decorating because I was fighting a colony of fire ants while trying to wrap some lights[Read more]

Soft and Chewy Oatmeal Cookies

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How is everyone doing this wonderful Wednesday morning? Are you glad to be halfway through the week? Today is a particularly exciting day for me because apparently a cold front is supposed to move through this evening! I’ll tell you, that’s been one of the weirdest things to get used to in Texas. The temperature change is sometimes so fast and so drastic that you can actually feel it happening. It could be 70 degrees outside and suddenly a gust of[Read more]

Sweet Potato Casserole

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Where did this weekend go? Seriously…have you seen it? Unfortunately, this will most likely be my last Thanksgiving Extravaganza post. 🙁 I really wanted to do some dinner rolls and/or my favorite side dish of all time (Green Bean Casserole) but Thanksgiving is literally three days away now. How is this even possible when I’m still picking up sequins from my Halloween costume all over the house? 😛 Ferris Bueller was so right.  Before I forget, are any of you doing[Read more]

Apple Butterscotch Galette (Crostata)

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Is this month flying by or what? Thanksgiving is right around the corner yet I’d swear that Halloween was just a week ago. It’s crazy! If you’re in panic mode right now, fear not, because I’m all about easy recipes. And juicy apple galette is not only simple, but delicious. 🙂 There are three major components to this recipe: A flaky, buttery homemade pie dough base, juice granny smith apples (or any apple of your choice), and my super quick and easy[Read more]