Almond and Amaretto Cookie Chocolate Fudge

fudge bite

Hello lovelies! The other day I was browsing the sweets aisle of my local grocery store when I found the cutest little amaretto flavored cookies. Given the fact that I can’t even pronounce the name of them, I figure they must be the real deal! The brand is Matilde Vicenzi, and the cookies are called “Amarettino D’Italia: Ricetta Tradizionale Italiana.” Quite the mouthful. Fancy, right? But don’t worry if you can’t find the brand; the recipe I’m about to show you will[Read more]

No Bake Chocolate Tiramisu Tart

tiramisu tart corner

I got my first tart pan a little over a year ago. Fluted edges, removable bottom, the whole nine yards. But being the risk-taker that I am, I decided to break from the pack and get a rectangular pan rather than your standard 9-inch round. Complicating things even further, my pan is 11×7 rather than your standard 14×5. This means that I can find pretty much zero recipes that take my tart pan size into consideration. While I love the[Read more]

Vanilla Semifreddo with Raspberry and Chocolate Swirl

Hello all! This is one of those desserts that I’m absolutely going to have to make again and re-photograph so that you are able to see the vividness of the raspberries and chocolate swirls as they pop out from this easy to make vanilla semifreddo. What is semifreddo, you ask? In Italian it means “semi-frozen” and it is essentially a frozen custard. I’ve noticed on lots of my favorite blogs and Youtube channels how viewers are constantly asking for an[Read more]