Vanilla Semifreddo with Raspberry and Chocolate Swirl

Hello all! This is one of those desserts that I’m absolutely going to have to make again and re-photograph so that you are able to see the vividness of the raspberries and chocolate swirls as they pop out from this easy to make vanilla semifreddo. What is semifreddo, you ask? In Italian it means “semi-frozen” and it is essentially a frozen custard. I’ve noticed on lots of my favorite blogs and Youtube channels how viewers are constantly asking for an[Read more]

Irresistible Raspberry Pie

Hello, my friends. May I interest you in another fruity, summery dessert? This one was a blast to make because I was able to teach myself two new skills: First, how to make a lattice pattern on the top of a pie (way easier than it looks) and second, that when it comes to fruit pies, FOLLOW ESTABLISHED RECIPES. I figured out that the reason all of my pies were coming out with soggy bottoms, burnt crusts, under-baked crusts, liquid fillings, dry fillings,[Read more]