Recipe Review: Addapinch’s Best Chocolate Cake Ever

add a pinch chocolate cakes baked

If you are at all familiar with Robyn’s chocolate cake recipe over at Add a Pinch you may be wondering why the hell I’m even reviewing it. It has over 1000 votes yet still rates an absurdly high 4.8! And don’t get me wrong—it’s not absurd because the cake sucks, it’s absurd because it’s difficult to get 1000 people to agree on anything. With that being said, given how many times I’ve used this recipe I feel like I have a lot[Read more]

Cake Design: It’s Raining Petals!

flower rose petal cake decorating design

I could write a whole novel about this week’s cake. Not only did I find my new favorite vanilla sponge recipe courtesy of Gretchen’s Bakery, but I experimented with rosewater for the first time! If I had a dollar for every time I found myself staring at the bottle and contemplating whether or not to buy it I could afford to sleep on a bed of roses. Jon Bon Jovi style. I’m not very cultured. I had no idea that rosewater is often[Read more]

Cookies and Cream, But Not Rustic!

rustic oreo cake whole

Those of you who follow this blog may know that I make a new cake every week and eat it with my neighbors on Fridays, the night of our weekly barbecue. Since we rotate who hosts the barbecue each week, I like to try to keep it simple when everyone will be coming here. This is because decorating takes a long time and it often looks like a hurricane spun its way through my kitchen. When you couple that with the[Read more]

New Baker Hacks: Upside-Down Method for Straight Edges

Easter cake top view

Hello, friends! This post is going to be all about how to use the upside-down icing method to get a crisp top edge on your cake. I made this particular cake for Easter, and although I’m not totally proud of my smoothing ability, it definitely does have some sharp edges. It is extremely easy to do, so I want to hurry up and get this mini tutorial out here for you so you can use it on your future cakes![Read more]

New Baker Hacks: Add Height to Your Cake Pans

cake pan height cake

This will probably be the first of many short posts where I provide quick information about something that I have learned in my baking adventures. In this case–let’s talk baking tins. As a somewhat new baker I know that I’ve been completely overwhelmed with all of the stuff we are supposed to have, with the most basic being cake tins in 5-inch, 6-inch, 7-inch, all the up to 12-inches or more! Not only that, but some recipes require that you[Read more]