Gold and Copper Splatter Cake!

Hi friends! Did everyone have a fantastic weekend? Had a bit of a busy one here—Saturday was the playoff game between the Texans and the Patriots so we had a lot of people over, then yesterday was my birthday so we figured it’s probably time to take the Christmas tree down. It was definitely on its last leg.

Besides that, I only did a bit of baking this week. My neighbor’s birthday is a few days before mine and he loves this Peanut Butter Cup Banana Bread (poor photography trigger warning) so I remade that for him. I also made a delicious hot crawfish dip for the game but I’ve been debating on whether or not to post it since I’m not too happy with the photos. We’ll have to see.

For now though, here’s what I’ll be talking about:

splatter side white l

This gold and copper speckle cake was super fun to make and easier than it looks! It starts off with a baby teal base color, then is splattered with shiny metallic paints and a copper colored drip. The top is decorated very simply with just a couple of white flowers and some extra large Hershey kisses.

splatter brick

splatter front white l

Here’s the step-by-step tutorial!

To get a nice crisp edge on the top of the cake I decided to ice it using the upside down method. To do this, you need something with a flat surface that can fit in your refrigerator or freezer. I’m using an extra tile that I had laying around in the garage, but you could really use anything. Even a flat piece of cardboard will do (as long as it’s sturdy). You’ll need to wrap it with parchment or wax paper, like so. Make sure it’s really tight!

upside 1

upside 2 upside 3

The next step is to glob on some buttercream where you will be placing the first layer of your cake. Make sure to spread it out on the tile evenly and get rid of any obvious air bubbles. This will actually be the top of the cake when we’re finished. I once read a tip saying that you should also spread some buttercream  on  the cake layer itself before placing it down on the tile. Apparently this is another way to prevent air bubbles.

upside 4

By the way, the cake flavor you see above was supposed to be marble. Usually when I make vanilla cakes I follow this hot milk sponge recipe by Gretchen’s Bakery (It’s a bit more work than a traditional  butter cake but soooo worth it). You’ll see that if you want to turn it into a marble cake you need to add 1/2 cup of cocoa powder to half of the batter. I did that, but the chocolate half was so thick I couldn’t get it to swirl. The chocolate parts of the cake came out super dense and heavy and I could barely get my fork through it. So that was a fail. Those of you who follow me on Instagram saw my pain! I will certainly try again in the future. Putting that aside for now, the next step is to build up your layers and give them a crumb coat. 

upside 5

Then add some icing to the top and stick on your cake board. Place the whole thing in the fridge for 15-20 minutes to firm up the buttercream. By the way, if you’re wondering how I got this beautifully creamy looking light blue, it’s actually the tiniest drop of Americolor’s teal.

upside 6

And now it’s time for the final coat! Lay it on thick with a spatula….

upside 7

Then scrape it all off with a bench scraper until it’s nice and smooth. As always, don’t forget the ultimate smoothing tip, running the bench scraper under hot water for a few seconds to heat it up and then slowly going around the cake a couple more times.

upside 8

Now you’ll want to refrigerate the cake for at least a half hour or so. Afterwards, simply take some scissors and cut the paper around the cake, freeing it from the tile.

cut it out

Flip it over and peel off the paper to reveal a super crisp edge!

upside 9

My buttercream was super air bubbly that day so I had to fill in some of  the holes and smooth it out again. In all honesty, it was a nightmare and I probably spent 20 minutes on this part alone before I said “eff it.”

upside 10

Back to the fun part! Make your white chocolate ganache by mixing 3 parts white chocolate and 1 part cream in a bowl and microwaving in 30 second increments until smooth. I used 120 grams of chocolate and 40 grams of cream to cover a six-inch cake.

upside ganache

While that’s thickening up, make your metallic “paints” by adding a bit of luster dust to a bowl (about a half teaspoon or so) and then adding a few drops of a clear alcohol based liquid such as vodka or lemon extract. Here’s a tip I learned the other day that has seriously upped my metallic paint game: Rather than mixing the alcohol into the luster dust using a brush (which makes your brush get all funky), swirl the bowl and let the liquid mix with the powder that way. It won’t get thoroughly  mixed, but the liquid will pick up just enough powder to give it that acrylic paint consistency that you’re looking for.

upside gold paint

Now splatter! To do this I held the brush at a 45º angle from the cake and tapped the handle on my finger, swinging in a downward motion. Yes, it gets a little messy. Do it with gold first, then a second color like copper.

gold splatter

Your ganache should be thick enough at this point, so it’s time to drip it on the cake. If you’ve seen my last tutorials then you know I’ve done this with a spoon, with a piping bag and a small round tip, with a sandwich bag, and more. This time I added it to a squeeze bottle just to see how it would go. I found that I had a lot of control over how much I released from the bottle, but I wasn’t that thrilled with how skinny the drips came out for this particular cake (since I knew I’d be hand painting each and every one! :P). Still, the important thing is that there are lots of options. Once you go around the edge be sure to fill in the top as well.

squirt on drips

So, with that same copper color as before and a small, clean brush it’s now time to paint the drips. If the ganache still seems too soft you can go ahead and place the cake in the freezer for a few minutes. The trick is to use a very light hand and go over everything twice to make it opaque. In fact, you could save yourself some time by coloring your ganache brown or a dark red so that the white doesn’t peek out as much.

paint drips

Then, using the larger brush again, fill in the top! Like the drips, you’ll probably have to go over it twice, because this is what it looks like after just one go.

copper top

The easiest way to add flowers is to stick some straws into the cake first and then stick the stems into the straws.

copper flowers

Then for some added flair you can use those same metallic paints to lightly touch the tips of some of the petals. 

paint tips of flowers

To finish it all off you can add some other decorations, like gold-wrapped candy. I happened to have these huge Hershey kisses left over from Christmas, but Ferrero Rocher would look nice too.

add kisses

And there you have it! 

splatter top

By the way, this copper luster dust came from the same set of metallic dusts I used for the silver on my New Years Eve cake. Though Rolkem Super Gold will always be my favorite gold dust, the copper color in this set blew me away! I’m excited to try the other metallics. Here’s where you can find them (affiliate link).

spatter brick side

Until next time <3

Gold and Copper Splatter Cake!
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Gold and Copper Splatter Cake!
Free cake decorating tutorial on how to make this gorgeous copper and gold splattered drip cake.
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4 thoughts on “Gold and Copper Splatter Cake!

  1. GORGEOUS cake, Amanda! I for one luuurve the skinny drips, and the crisp edge and metallic flecks are on point! I love my Rolkems too <3
    Very happy birthday for last week! Maybe I didn't read carefully enough, but was this the cake you made for your b-day?

    1. Thanks! 🙂 Nope, for my birthday I ended up doing a marble cake, but this time instead of using fondant I tried to paint/pipe it on. I think it came out okay but I may have gone a little overboard with the streaking. It sort of looked light lightening in the end (not a complaint!) I should have it up in a few days, probably. I hope you’re doing well!

      1. Ooh sounds fab – looking forward to seeing it! Marbling is so in trend!! Gosh you’re more onto it than me… am trying hard to get a blog post out before the end of Jan! Current health detox is getting in the way of cakey deliciousness… eating healthy is def not as fun eating cake 🙁

        1. I’m usually not on trend at all! For example, I only recently got some Russian piping tips in the mail lol. I rarely see people even talking about them anymore. I’m still going to use them though! Eventually. 😛 Maybe as we get closer to Valentine’s Day. And ooh, I hope your detox is going well! Always thought about trying one, but I lack the willpower.

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