New Baker Hack: DIY Vanilla Sugar.

vanilla sugar in jar top view 

Alright stop.

Collaborate and listen.

Amanda’s back with a brand new…baker hack.

(I tried.)

I really wanted to make Vanilla Ice work with this presentation but it’s just not happening. I never was a lyricist. And I really don’t want Suge Knight to come here and hang me out my window.

But to the point: Do you have any idea how easy it is to make your own vanilla sugar? It’s so easy that I feel silly even making a blog post about it. The thing is, I currently have some jam cooling that I plan to make a blog post about really soon. And I used this sugar to make it. Vanilla-infused sugar. Omigod. 

It’s as easy as adding sugar and vanilla pods to an airtight container, then waiting a minimum of one week for the pods to do their thing. That’s it! Really! Word to ya mother. 

vanilla bean in jar

The important thing to remember is to actually cover the pods in the sugar. Here I have them sitting on top for picture-taking purposes, otherwise it would just look like your average jar of sugar. Everyone keeps sugar in jars, right?

You may be tempted to peek before the week is up, but don’t! It will make it so much more rewarding when you finally do. I’m talkin’ the warm sugary smell of fresh cupcakes the moment you open the jar. It’s heaven!  You can use the sugar for anything you normally would: Cakes, cookies, candy, etc. I think it would be awesome sprinkled on top of some freshly made donuts. You can even store some in your pantry and dole it out as Christmas gifts to your favorite baking friends. 

You need this. Do it.

Until next time <3

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