New Baker Hack: Sheet Cake for Mini Cakes! (Recipe)

If you know me at all, then you know that I am the most frugal mofo in the world—especially when it comes to baking tools. I’ve been known to use thick paper plates as cake boards when in a rut, and I hold on to every tuna can that comes through this house so that I can repurpose it as a small cake tin if necessary. But, when I know that I will be making lots of mini cakes at once, I really don’t want to grease and line a ton of mini tuna cans. That’s when sheet cake comes in handy!

Don’t get me wrong, I still use the tuna can, but rather than bake my cake in it, I use it to stamp out rounds of cake, like so:

stamp out cakes

Then I save the crumbs for cake pops or truffles. 🙂

Since my go-to chocolate cake recipe produces a batter that is far too thin for a baking sheet, I must rely on a slightly more complicated yet just as tasty replacement recipe: SugarHero’s chocolate cake. Don’t worry, I won’t chunter on about how amazing her photography is, or how great her cakes look, or how lucky she is to have so many companies wanting to work with her, etc. But needless to say, I want to be her. 😛 I will be her!

Her recipe requires that you cream together the butter and sugars for a minimum of 5 minutes.

creaming cake

Then after cracking in the eggs and vanilla, alternating between wet and dry ingredients. 

adding dry and milk

The batter comes out super thick. Almost like frosting!

smooth in tray

batter in pan

And when it bakes puffs up into a fluffy, chocolaty dream.

out of oven

You need to let the cake cool completely before you start jabbing your cutter in there. As a matter of fact, I’d  recommend freezing it for 10 minutes or so after it cools so that it’s really nice and firm. I didn’t do that here, so it was a bit difficult getting a nice clean cut. As she says on her site though, you can just fix any imperfections with buttercream. 🙂

stamp out cakes

She was able to get 15 mini cake layers by using a 3.5 inch cutter. But since I used a 4-inch tuna can I got a few less (Please don’t make me math, but I’m pretty sure it was 12). 

Just stack them as usual and you’re good to go!

building cake   

Here’s one of my most recent mini cakes using this method:

place on top

And here are a few two layer ones I made in the past using a slightly different recipe.

three mini cakes on teal cake stand

So give it a try! Mini cakes are seriously all the rage. If people say yes to one cake, you think they’ll say no to three?! 

Until next time <3

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