Creamy, Fluffy American Buttercream Recipe


Hello, friends! Here’s a recipe for you that is long overdue: American Buttercream! Do you have any idea how difficult it is to take a sexy picture of American buttercream? I don’t know how people on Pinterest do it, but I highly suspect some shenanigans are going on. So instead of a picture of it in the bowl, here it is on a cake! A cake that you can make with this recipe. πŸ™‚ As much as I love the[Read more]

A Whimsical Birthday Cake


Goooood morning everyone! Today I have for you a cake that I actually made last month but kept all to myself until now. Greedy, I know. 😈 In all seriousness, I actually made this cake for my neighbor’s mother’s birthday, and since I was in Austin that weekend I didn’t even get to taste it! I heard it was a hit though. As a matter of fact, I was told it was the best cake I ever made. πŸ˜‹  (Don’t[Read more]

Blue Ombre Birthday Drip Cake

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Happy Monday, everyone! I’ve been sitting on this birthday cake for my neighbor for over a month. Can you believe it? Poor December babies always get the shaft. It could have been worse thoughβ€”I could have made her a Christmas cake.   This beautiful baby blue and pink cake features ombre-style stripes, fudgy looking white chocolate drip, and homemade chocolate shards in fun shapes.    If you remember, a while back I made this Fairy Galaxy Drip Cake and attempted to color the[Read more]

MANLY Marbled Fondant Birthday Cake

Is it just me, or is searching for a masculine cake design sort of like a guy trying to find a jock strap at Victoria’s Secret? Let’s face it: cakes are just plain girly. Almost too girly, with their fricken ruffles and flowers and hearts and fondant bumble bees. Almost makes want to puke sometimes. How did I get into this? πŸ˜› My neighbor’s birthday was last week, and I naturally drew a complete blank when trying to think of a good[Read more]