How to Make Crepes

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I was craving crepes this week. I had a really amazing one last weekend at a little place in Austin called Crepe Crazy. The owners and staff are all deaf, which is pretty cool. You can read more about them here. The crepe I got was tiramisu flavored. It was amazing. It even had espresso-soaked ladyfingers in it.  Crepes are so in right now. I swear to you, they are everywhere. There is a little place by my house that[Read more]

Blackberry Marshmallow and Chocolate Cake

Guys. I swear my future pictures will not be this bad. As I mentioned in my opening blog post, I had no plans to create a blog at the time most of these desserts were made. Only about 30 or so more desserts to get through!  And I mean, look at this one! A roll of paper towels, my drain plug, my spice rack, crumbs on the rim of my cake stand….oy vey. Luckily, this cake is so adorable to[Read more]

Irresistible Raspberry Pie

Hello, my friends. May I interest you in another fruity, summery dessert? This one was a blast to make because I was able to teach myself two new skills: First, how to make a lattice pattern on the top of a pie (way easier than it looks) and second, that when it comes to fruit pies, FOLLOW ESTABLISHED RECIPES. I figured out that the reason all of my pies were coming out with soggy bottoms, burnt crusts, under-baked crusts, liquid fillings, dry fillings,[Read more]