New Baker Hacks: Add Height to Your Cake Pans

cake pan height cake

This will probably be the first of many short posts where I provide quick information about something that I have learned in my baking adventures. In this case–let’s talk baking tins. As a somewhat new baker I know that I’ve been completely overwhelmed with all of the stuff we are supposed to have, with the most basic being cake tins in 5-inch, 6-inch, 7-inch, all the up to 12-inches or more! Not only that, but some recipes require that you[Read more]

Tie-dyed Ganache: A Beautiful Mistake.

tie dye ganache

Yay! My first failure to show you! Right now you’re probably thinking, whaaaaaaaat? But as pretty as it is, this is not how I intended this cake to look. So I will get into that in a bit. P.S. I really need to invest in some cake boards that don’t look so…sloppy. Anyway, onto the story! If you recall, last week I made the fluffiest vanilla bean sponge cake you’ve ever seen. And if you also recall, I think I[Read more]

World’s Best Fluffy Vanilla Bean Sponge Cake

fluffy vanilla bean sponge cake

These cakes are cooling on my counter as we speak but I just could not wait to share because as you can see, I’ve already leveled off the top of one of these bad boys and ate it! This was an experiment that went really well. And given that I’m still relatively new baking, I considered it a big risk because not only was I relying on a method I learned a while ago (that I wasn’t sure would work[Read more]