Orange Glazed Cinnamon Rolls

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Today I bring to you yet another recipe from the old as sh*t Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book that my grandmother gave me. May I present, Orange Sticky Rolls: I’m going to go ahead and call them Orange Glazed Cinnamon Rolls though, since the dough is sprinkled with a cinnamon/sugar mixture before it’s rolled up and sliced. However, unlike cinnamon rolls this orange version contains no yeast and no eggs. In fact, other than the butter the recipe is[Read more]

Chocolate Cinnamon Crinkle Cookies

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We’re almost there. Can you believe it? I’m feeling a bit like the violinist on the Titanic right now since I’m still baking baking baking while I’m sure everyone else has moved on and started panicking about other things.  But what is Christmas without your classic crinkle cookie? They are a must! And I refuse to piss off Santa Claus by not including them on this blog. They’re fast, easy, beautiful, and ridiculously tasty.    I love a classic chocolate cookie,[Read more]

Sweet Potato Casserole

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Where did this weekend go? Seriously…have you seen it? Unfortunately, this will most likely be my last Thanksgiving Extravaganza post. 🙁 I really wanted to do some dinner rolls and/or my favorite side dish of all time (Green Bean Casserole) but Thanksgiving is literally three days away now. How is this even possible when I’m still picking up sequins from my Halloween costume all over the house? 😛 Ferris Bueller was so right.  Before I forget, are any of you doing[Read more]

Make Ahead Baked Cranberry Sauce

baked cranberry sauce

What a week, right? Is anyone else just feeling…exhausted? In every sense of the word? I know I am. Between the debates and the voting and the waiting I just want to curl up in a bed full of fresh blankets straight from the dryer. Because it makes me happy. And like Blink 182, I’m all about the small things. Before I do that though, I want to share one small recipe from what I’m calling my “Thanksgiving Extravaganza.” I baked quite[Read more]

Cinnamon Apple Kuchen

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Finally, my first apple dessert of the fall! I actually had yet another pumpkin recipe in the queue but I bumped this one forward because I don’t want people to get all pumpkined out. Plus it’s delicious! What you see before you is a kuchen. Apparently, that is the German word for cake. If I had describe it, it’s more like a coffee cake in that it starts off with a sweet dough base and then is packed with juicy[Read more]

Fluffy Pumpkin Sheet Cake

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Fine. It’s fall. I accept it. Don’t get me wrong, I *love* fall, it’s just that here in TX the temperatures are still scorching and the mosquitoes are still attacking. If it weren’t for football and I’d still be in denial!  The good thing about autumn is that I happen to have a Better Homes and Gardens cookbook from 1981 that has tons of fall recipes! My grandmother sent it to me years ago, bless her heart. I think my my[Read more]