Two Last Minute Valentine’s Day Cake Ideas!

russian vday 7

My goodness, it feels like it’s been weeks since I’ve posted! Things have been kind of hectic around here lately because I’ve spent the last two weekends in Austin, TX. My in-laws rented a house there for the month so we’ve been painting the town red. I keep bringing my laptop with me thinking that I’ll surely post before bed, but  we do so much hiking (and eating!) that I always end up just browsing Reddit for 30 minutes and then passing[Read more]

A Coolio Striped Flower Cake

far away brick background

Hello lovelies. This week I bring to you a cake that I have named the Coolio. Why? Because after I finished it, the first words to come out of my mouth were “Ooh La La!” And everyone who was around in 1997 knows that was the jam. If it’s not obvious by the design, I’m still in my stripe period. I can’t help it! They are so easy to do and always come out looking so fresh and so clean clean. [Read more]