Easy Salsa Recipe

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Hola muchachos! Long time no post! I spent the weekend in Austin again, the last of three trips there this month. I usually hate it when people go on and on and on about their life prior to getting to a recipe, so I will simply provide you with a short list of highlights: We did a ton of hiking each visit. My favorites included going up Enchanted Rock (I didn’t make it to the top, but close. Stupid fear[Read more]

How to Make Kolaches: Texas Style

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When I first moved to Texas I remember being very perplexed by the cuisine. Specifically breakfast foods. For example, “steak and eggs” made no sense to me since steak was clearly a dinner food. And if we’re all just supposed to accept that it’s proper to eat steak for breakfast, then why is “chicken and waffles” served for dinner? So confusing. 😛 Don’t even get me started on “chicken fried steak” and the uber-redundant “chicken fried chicken.” But today’s post is[Read more]