Sweet Potato Casserole

set table scoop

Where did this weekend go? Seriously…have you seen it? Unfortunately, this will most likely be my last Thanksgiving Extravaganza post. 🙁 I really wanted to do some dinner rolls and/or my favorite side dish of all time (Green Bean Casserole) but Thanksgiving is literally three days away now. How is this even possible when I’m still picking up sequins from my Halloween costume all over the house? 😛 Ferris Bueller was so right.  Before I forget, are any of you doing[Read more]

Blackberry Marshmallow Cake, Revisited

blackberry marshmallow cake finished

You may or may not recognize this cake. When I first started this blog a few months ago I created an entry about it, but the sole surviving picture was taken long before this blog was even a twinkle in my little eye. I absolutely cringe when I look at it because the picture just really doesn’t do it justice. So I decided to make it again! Blackberries are in season anyway. 🙂 In my previous post I mentioned how I have[Read more]

Blackberry Marshmallow and Chocolate Cake

Guys. I swear my future pictures will not be this bad. As I mentioned in my opening blog post, I had no plans to create a blog at the time most of these desserts were made. Only about 30 or so more desserts to get through!  And I mean, look at this one! A roll of paper towels, my drain plug, my spice rack, crumbs on the rim of my cake stand….oy vey. Luckily, this cake is so adorable to[Read more]