Two Last Minute Valentine’s Day Cake Ideas!

russian vday 7

My goodness, it feels like it’s been weeks since I’ve posted! Things have been kind of hectic around here lately because I’ve spent the last two weekends in Austin, TX. My in-laws rented a house there for the month so we’ve been painting the town red. I keep bringing my laptop with me thinking that I’ll surely post before bed, but  we do so much hiking (and eating!) that I always end up just browsing Reddit for 30 minutes and then passing[Read more]

New Baker Hack: Sheet Cake for Mini Cakes! (Recipe)

stamp out cakes

If you know me at all, then you know that I am the most frugal mofo in the world—especially when it comes to baking tools. I’ve been known to use thick paper plates as cake boards when in a rut, and I hold on to every tuna can that comes through this house so that I can repurpose it as a small cake tin if necessary. But, when I know that I will be making lots of mini cakes at[Read more]

Cake Decorating: Minis!

three mini cakes on teal cake stand

I feel like it’s been forever since I posted my  white almond wedding cake recipe, but I’m finally here to show you what I ended up doing with the eight mini cakes that I made. Well, what I did with six of them. I had to eat one to make sure I was happy with the recipe before sharing it (I was), but then I had an odd number of cakes so I had no choice but to eat another one[Read more]

Mother’s Day Tea Cakes with Jam and Poured Fondant

petit fours up close and personal

Mother’s Day is less than a week away, which means that everyone is breaking out the flour and sugar in hopes to create beautifully decorated sugar cookies, cupcake bouquets, and other sweet treats! My mother happens to live across the country, but if she were here I would definitely make her some of these gorgeous, delicious miniature cakes. Now, there is a name for tiny cakes covered in poured fondant: Petit Fours. However, I decided against calling them by that name because traditional petit[Read more]