AF2B: Mirror Glaze Pumpkins

eating pumpkin

That’s right, folks, I’m trying a new thing. Acronyms. AF2B stands for Amanda Fails to Bake, and with any luck I will use it so rarely that I’ll have to explain it all over again the next time I use it!  This post is all how I failed to execute what I thought was an ingenious idea: mini mirror glazed pumpkins. Why? Because mirror glaze cakes are so hot right now. Even I made one, and I suck at keeping up[Read more]

Streaky Mirror Glaze Cake Tutorial

mirror glaze brick background

These fricken mirror cakes, right? They’re everywhere! I decided to jump on the trend since I’m such an opportunist. To be honest though, I considered throwing this in the Amanda Fails to Bake category until Freddie Mercury talked me out of it. He didn’t seem to mind that the bottom half of the cake bulged out a bit more than the top. In fact, he dubbed her the fat bottomed girl and demanded that I reference all of his songs in[Read more]

Peanut Butter Cup Banana Cake Decorations Plus a Recipe Review

Reeses peanut butter cup layer cake

 Keeping in line with my recent Peanut Butter Cup Banana Bread, here is is an awesome cake I made recently that was inspired by that recipe. To make the cake layers, I followed Leslie Macciarella’s “Betty’s Banana Cake Recipe – A Vintage Cake Loaded with Charm.” This recipe is apparently from the 1940s and it is the real deal. No banana extract here. Just real banana goodness, like my banana bread! One big difference is that you don’t want your bananas to be as[Read more]