Easy Sweetheart Blueberry Pies


 It started with a leak in the ceiling. Then the drywall came crashing down and it was determined that we needed a new water heater. Then I spent the next several days patching the hole. Then I got spray texture all over the surrounding walls and needed to paint. Then half of the paint peeled off when I went to remove the painter’s tape. And so on. So, yeah, that’s where I’ve been this past week. 😝 I haven’t had[Read more]

AF2B: Magical Holiday Choux Tower

filling them up

Well. I said it might happen. The last time we talked I mentioned creating a showstopper for my neighborhood Christmas party. And as predicted, I jinxed myself. 😛 This was one of those cases where a couple of small things went wrong but it was enough to ruin my whole project. It sucks too, because I really went out of my way to try and make this as easy on myself as possible. But….mistakes happened, my timeline went all whack, nothing[Read more]

Chocolate Raspberry Napoleons

I just know that there are going to be some very angry bakers out there who will write to accuse me of cheating on this classic French dessert, which is actually more commonly known in France as mille-feuille. I decided to include it because it is one of the first desserts I made as the go-to dessert person for our Friday night neighborhood barbecues. Hence the awful photo of these beauties, literally just sitting on my kitchen counter in front of[Read more]