Circus Inspired Multicolored Drip Cake


Happy Saturday everyone! Do you have any big weekend plans? It’s 60º here so I’m naturally wearing 3 layers of clothing and still freezing. Don’t hate 😛 Do you ever have something you want to say, but no one to say it to? If you do, feel free to tell me what it is in the comments. I will be your ear! In exchange for that though, you need to read my random thought of the hour: Kylie Jenner, man. Why[Read more]

Two-Tier Rainbow Striped Mini Cake!

two tier rainbow drip cake with white chocolate ganache drip, wilton rainbow sprinkles, and raffaello coconut truffles. Gold cake stand with white plank background

I’ve made quite a few bright and colorful cakes recently. That made me wonder: Am I in my “rainbow” period? Am I like Picasso? Probably not. I’m just doing my best to squeeze all the summer I can into my decorating before it’s over. I’m sure you know by now that I love stripes. Plus, Cyndi Lauper stopped by my imagination and reminded me that she can see my true colors shining through, and that’s why she loves me! This cake is another super[Read more]

Rainbow Drip Cake, or How I Summoned the Gods

rainbow twin cakes

Hi Everyone! Guess who is back from a much needed vacation out by the lake? (It’s me.) I’m about five pounds heavier, but that’s okay because I’m also four shades tanner. I may have thought that all my swimming would negate all my eating. Oops. 😡 I decided on the way home that I’d take a stab at a Mediterranean diet for the rest of the summer just to see if I can bounce back to where I was. I’ll just have[Read more]