White Chocolate Cheesecake Tart


So let’s see. Right now I’m staring at twelve gallons of paint that I neatly set up against a wall. I’m leaving for a week-long trip tomorrow morning, so coming home to cans scattered all over the place wouldn’t be my idea of a good time! In the last week or two I’ve painted: 2 hallways, 2 bathrooms (one of them twice), my kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and two guest bedrooms. If that wasn’t enough, I also painted a side[Read more]

Apple Butterscotch Galette (Crostata)

featured image galette

Is this month flying by or what? Thanksgiving is right around the corner yet I’d swear that Halloween was just a week ago. It’s crazy! If you’re in panic mode right now, fear not, because I’m all about easy recipes. And juicy apple galette is not only simple, but delicious. 🙂 There are three major components to this recipe: A flaky, buttery homemade pie dough base, juice granny smith apples (or any apple of your choice), and my super quick and easy[Read more]

No Bake Chocolate Tiramisu Tart

tiramisu tart corner

I got my first tart pan a little over a year ago. Fluted edges, removable bottom, the whole nine yards. But being the risk-taker that I am, I decided to break from the pack and get a rectangular pan rather than your standard 9-inch round. Complicating things even further, my pan is 11×7 rather than your standard 14×5. This means that I can find pretty much zero recipes that take my tart pan size into consideration. While I love the[Read more]